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A Neutronic customer from the Soft Drinks industry called in need of a pump repair, which occurred once they had loaded syrup into their machine. This created the problem that they only had 24 hours before they would have to throw the syrup away. Losing tens of thousands of pounds for the manufacturer.

Immediately our driver went and collected the offending item. When Neutronic received the pump repair our engineers set about dismantling. The engineers began a full motor rewind on the pump as needed. There was damage to both the seal diameter and the mechanical seal. Whilst one of our engineers set about rewinding the stator, another engineer set about performing a DE-shaft repair on the seal diameter. All spares were ordered and our driver collected the bearings and seals that were required. Once the rewind was completed and the parts assembled our engineers performed a full run and pressure test of the pump before delivering back to customer.

Neutronic received the emergency call at 5am. We managed to deliver back the pump repair back to site and fit it on the machine later that night. This gave our customer a full production shift to use the syrup they would have had to have wasted.

Pump Repair Jobs at Neutronic Technologies.

Throughout the repair we kept our customer informed of progress. Allowing them to schedule restarting production. This is just one example of how Neutronic Technologies support their customers. For more information on pump repair jobs: Pump Repairs – Neutronic Technologies or fill out an enquiry form below.

At Neutronic, due to our extensive in house equipment we are able to repair all failures in-house eliminating the need for subcontractors. Helping to minimising repair times, as our engineers work efficiently to get the repair back to you in fully working order.