Our workshop facilities are based in Birchwood Warrington. We have an Electronic, and an Electro-Mechanical workshop, with extensive facilities in both to provide high-quality repair services to our nationwide customers. Our facilities allow us to operate 24/7, completing all our repairs in-house by our experienced engineers.

Take a look at our in-house equipment each of our multi-skilled engineers are trained to use:

Dynamic Balancing Machine

We have a CEMB ZB2000 balancing machine located in our Electro-mechanical workshop. Ensuring longevity in all repairs and remanufacture of Electric Motors, Pumps, Fans and Industrial Gearboxes, by being balanced to at least the required balance grade or better.

This large and expensive piece of repair equipment is essential to a high quality repair. The balancing machine ensures the rotor assembly is finely tuned and balanced for all speeds of rotation. A slight imbalance on a rotor can quickly degrade bearing life and cause damage to other areas of the machine the motor is connected to, therefore it is crucial for rotors to be correctly balanced.

CEMB ZB2000 Balancing Machine

Media Blasting Machine

As part of our cleaning process, we use our media blaster to remove the excess dirt before placing the parts in our Wash Tank. The side door allows us to load large parts into the media blasting machine, making our cleaning process thorough and efficient on each repair job.

Media Blasting Machine

Electrom Instruments iTIG III Winding Analyzer

The Electric Motor testing equipment we opted for is the ITIG III Winding Analyzer, widely regarded as the most advanced motor test system available. The ITIG III features over 20 different high and low voltage tests including frequency surge and partial discharge. 

When coupled together with the DC commutator option, as can be seen at Neutronic, the iTIG III can be also used to test DC Motors to the same high specifications.

Electrom Instruments iTIG III Winding Analyzer

Pyrolysis Oven

One of the major processes of rewinding a motor is to remove the old windings, varnish and insulation. It’s not an easy process unless you have one of these ovens, which you must not mistake for a curing oven, they are very different. It’s surprising how many rewind shops do not have this equipment, but without it you cannot guarantee the ongoing efficiency of the motor after the repair.

Burn out and Curing Ovens

Rewind Machine

In our workshop we have both a manual and automated rewind machine. This makes our rewind work accurate, which is crucial during these types of repairs. We have got the expertise and the parts needed to repair AC and DC Electric Motors, Brake Coils, Generator Rewinds and Transformer Rewinds quickly and efficiently.

Rewind Machine

Testing Rigs

Our extensive in-house test rigs allow us to run test all our repairs before they are sent back to our customers. We have test rigs for all major manufacturers such as; Fanuc, Siemens, Indramat, Bosch, Control Techniques and SEW-Eurodrive.

We have an in-house purpose-built test rig to test run all SEW Eurodrive Movimot Inverters after they have been repaired! 

Fanuc and Siemens Testing Rigs

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