SEW-Eurodrive Movimot Repair Specialists

SEW-Eurodrive’s MOVIMOT is an integrated drive system that merges a motor and a frequency inverter as a single unit. This system is designed for efficient and precise control of electric motors in various industrial applications.

Movimots are often replaced when a fault occurs, due to limited industrial repairs services providing repair services. Neutronic support customers, with a Movitmot repair service. Encouraging to repair, over replacing assets where possible to minimise financial costs and maximise asset lifespan

SEW-Eurodrive Movimot

Workshop Facilities

Within our Electronic’s department, we have an in-house purpose-built test rig, to test run all Movimot Inverters after they have been repaired.

Nationwide Service

We provide a nationwide collection and delivery service. If our drivers are unavailable, we use a trusted third party service to get your repair to use as soon as possible.

Our emergency call out services operates 24/7. If you experience an unexpected breakdown, Neutronic are on hand to provide repairs and a solution when it is required.

4 Common Faults with SEW-Eurodrive Movimots 

As with any electronic assets, there are common faults which occur and impact the operations. Common faults which users may encounter are: 

Overheating: This can occur if ventilation around the motor is inadequate. It may also happen if the unit is overloaded. Overheating negatively impacts the machinery’s lifespan, and reduces the operational years of the asset.  

Electrical Faults: Within the Movimot, there can be electrical faults such as loose connections, short circuits or damage to internal components.  

Mechanical Damage: The environment where the movimot is used, can impact the internal components. For example, water exposure to water can damage internal components and how the Movimot functions.  

Voltage Fluctuations: When the power supply voltage fluctuates this can negatively impact the performance of the movimot, and lead to malfunctions during operation.

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