Industrial automation is the use of control systems to complete handling processes in production lines, as a replacement or alongside human interaction. Helping to improving production efficiency and quality within your business. The return on investment of robotics is very beneficial, growing your business as a result of the investment.

Neutronic Technologies develop cobots to work within production lines for manufacturers. Cobots complete tasks to a high standard in efficient time. They are reliable and beneficial additions to any workshop, whether it be a SME or a large business.

Industrial Automation at Neutronic


Neutronic develop industrial automated cobots to work in workshops.


General maintenance such as servicing is important for any mechanical equipment. Neutronic offers regular servicing for Cobots.


If unexpected faults do occur on any cobots, Neutronic have the faculties to repair these issues at our workshop in Warrington.

What solutions can a Cobot deliver?

Employee Skill Gap. Automation is becoming increasing popular within the engineering industry. They are a solution to covering skill bases which you may be struggling to employ for. Cobots work alongside or in-place of humans, trained in a certain motion to complete tasks.

Increased workshop Potential. As technological capabilities continue to develop, the use of robots/cobots within workshops will increase. Cobots currently represent 5% of the overall robot market, this is likely to increase as they become more popular due to their capabilities.

Implement safety into you workshop. Cobots are a safe implementation into workshops. They automatically stop when human contact is near or if they are touched. This makes them a great addition to any workshop as they are able to improve production safety and efficiently.

Increased ROI. A large number of manufacturers who invest in a cobot, see a return on their investment within a year.

A record of 3 million industrial robots were operating in factories around the world throughout 2021.

88% of businesses worldwide plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure.

A 6% increase in robot use within factories since 2020 occurred throughout 2021.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can automation benefit production efficiency?

    Automation allows businesses to produce 24/7, meaning higher production rates can be met. Robots complete a job to precise standards, allowing continuity throughout production. During the pandemic, automation within workshops allowed for production lines to continue to meet demand. This was due to them being able to continue production by using cobots/robots as replacements to humans.

    With the uncertainty of whether robots will replace humans in the future, the development of technology is creating skillful robots which are completing tasks to a higher standard quicker than humans.

    What is the cost of Industrial Automation?

    Industrial Automation may not be as expensive as you think, the quick ROI on the invest makes it a valuable asset to any business. Automating your production line brings many benefits which can help grown your business. Contact Neutronic Technologies today for further information.

    What is a cobot?

    A Cobot, also known as a collaborative robot, is a type of robot which learns multiple tasks to work alongside human beings during production. Cobots are suitable for many applications, such as: material handling, packaging, welding and quality inspection.

    Cobots are safe within the workshop, working alongside humans is what they are built for. In comparison to robots, which are build to be isolated from humans when in operation. Allowing cobots to operate with humans around, but are trained to automatically stop is they come in direct contact with a human.

    Cobots are suitable for any sized business, from SME’s to large companies. They are affordable investments which can help improve the capabilities of any business.

    How does a Cobot work?

    Cobots are used in production lines to work alongside humans. Offering a safe co-worker for employees. Cobots are trained to automatically stop if human contact is made, to prevent injuries. They are designed to repeat a certain task, once trained on a particular task they will repeat the motion over and over, until they are trained on a new task.

    Cobots are simple to install, once programmed on a task this will simply be continued to be completed. They can be easily re-programmed onto a new task, therefore are very flexible for the workplace. They are lightweight and easily programmable once your employees are fully trained.

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