Balancing Machine

Fan Repairs

Neutronic offer a 24/7 repair service for all types of fans, large or small. We have in house facilities to fully dismantle, overhaul, sandblast, dynamically balance, rebuild and test run all types of fans from all types of applications.

We have invested in the state of the art facilities with our CEMB ZB2000 Balancing Machine. In addition, we are excited to announce we have a new balancing machine arriving in our workshop soon. The ZB20/TCN/GV by CEMB, specialises in balancing small rotors up to 20KG, therefore expanding our Electro-Mechanical capabilities. 

If you have a fan you need repairing either on site or off site in our well equipped modern workshop get in touch to speak to one of our team who will be happy to help.

We regulary overhaul and repair fans within 24 hours

  • Installation and removal
  • Fan refurbishment
  • On Site balancing
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Maintenance contracts
  • On site service and repair

Why not consider vibration analysis on your fan units to ensure that they are running in balance and efficiently. We can offer a bespoke vibration analysis program on a one off or regular basis.

We have the ability to fully run test all types of fans.