At Neutronic we have implemented a focus on supporting and educating aspiring Engineers into the industrial repair field. Working with local colleges to educate and train students to become qualified Engineers. As we celebrate National Apprenticeship week, we wanted to check in with our Apprentices and let them tell their story so far, of their journey at Neutronic Technologies.

Tristan joined the Neutronic in August 2023 as an Electro-Mechanical Apprentice. We recently sat down with Tristan to ask him how he is enjoying his Apprenticeship and how the opportunity has shaped his future.

“I have enjoyed learning and developing new skills and the essential regulations whilst being an apprentice. At Neutronic I have been supported by my team and they have explained to me how to resolve common problems and faults on machinery assets.”

“I decided university wasn’t the right path for me, and an apprenticeship would allow me to learn the practical side, whilst learning the theoretical side at college. The repairs which Neutronic receive interested me, and they support industries which I had thought about working in.”

“Each day varies in my role, from supporting my team members on machinery repairs, to surge testing stators to see if they pass or fail, plus balancing rotors. Each week I attend college for 1 day per week to gain theoretical and practical experience.”

“The apprenticeship at Neutronic has allowed me to see all the types of careers available in an Electro-Mechanical workshop. This has allowed me to gain an insight into what jobs are available for me in my career, and gain experience in each of these. I have learnt to work within a team and communicate with my fellow employees.”

It has been great to see how our Apprentices are shaping their future careers at Neutronic Technologies. As they go on to complete more projects and develop new skills, we look forward to tracking their journeys.

If you are interested in an Electro-Mechanical or Electronics Apprenticeship, send your CV to, or visit our careers page. We are always looking for aspiring and ambitious Engineers to join our team, if you think this is you, let us know!