Our 3 Electro-Mechanical Apprentices have each been supported and mentored by our experienced Engineers. Training them to use tools and machinery within the workshop. As we celebrate National Apprenticeship week, we wanted to check in with our Apprentices and let them tell their story so far, of their journey at Neutronic Technologies.

Ronnie joined the Neutronic team in September 2023. Since starting at Neutronic, Ronnie has been able to apply his transferable skills from his Motor Vehicle qualification, and implement his knowledge to the industrial repair industry. We recently sat down with Ronnie to ask him about his highlights during his Apprenticeship.

“Last week, I worked on fixing a David Brown gearbox with Ernie. We Disassembled the gearbox, taking off the bearings and pinion, and fitting the bearings back onto the shaft.” An exciting opportunity for Ronnie to learn the parts and identify faults, whilst being supported by Ernie, a senior Engineer. This repair is in progress, however Ronnie is looking forward to seeing the final repair completed.

“After researching the company, I felt it was a modern engineering company who wanted to support young aspiring engineering. I had transferable skills from Motor Vehicle qualifications, which I put into practice at Neutronic.”

“Gain confidence in my abilities and skills in the Electro-Mechanical workshop. Gain experience in going onto sites for Engineering visits, and supporting our customers onsite.”

“Go for it! Make sure you listen to every thing which is being told you, make notes and ask questions! Make sure people are bored of you asking questions, as this is how you learn and understand procedures.” Our team are always happen to answer questions, there is no such thing as a bad question in our workshops at Neutronic!

“Once you have gained an understanding try and give things a go, whilst being safe. And don’t always rely on people.”

It has been great to see how our Apprentices are shaping their future careers at Neutronic Technologies. As they go on to complete more projects and develop new skills, we look forward to tracking their journeys.

If you are interested in an Electro-Mechanical or Electronics Apprenticeship, send your CV to recruitment@neutronictechnologies.com, or visit our careers page. We are always looking for aspiring and ambitious Engineers to join our team, if you think this is you, let us know!