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Condition Monitoring Services

At Neutronic we put a real emphasis on predictive and preventative maintenance which is why we have developed a portfolio of services to deliver real benefits to our customers.

All our reports are designed to be easily understood and provide data that can be used to improve your plant efficiency and performance. Using Neutronic to provide condition monitoring services will reduce in process failures and increase production on virtually any type of equipment.

Solutions Designed Around You

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a powerful predictive maintenance service that will help you to identify mechanical issues early before a catastrophic failure occurs. This technique is usually un-intrusive and can be carried out whilst the machine is running.

Neutronic offer both mobile and fixed vibration analysis services at regular intervals to suit your schedule and budget.

Our team of experts will work with you to design a strategy that will improve your plants performance, offering best practice and practical advice on the specific types of equipment and processes you are using. Vibration analysis is essential to identify defective bearings and misalignment issues.Neutronic utilise the latest and most advanced equipment available to collect the data from your machines. Our team of experienced reliability engineers then analyse the data and provide a comprehensive report that is easy to understand and most importantly act upon.

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Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal imaging is a fast non-intrusive method that can be carried out on both Mechanical and Electrical equipment. The equipment can be monitored whilst in operation so there is no need to take the component out of service whilst monitoring. Thermal imaging will allow you to quickly identify components that are running outside of their designed specification and help to prevent issues before it is too late.

  • Non-Intrusive
  • Very efficient
  • Safe
  • Cost effective
  • Quick results

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Laser Shaft Alignment

Machine Misalignment can be the source of all types of mechanical issues and vibration, this will cause premature failure of the equipment. Neutronic can provide a laser alignment service to ensure  your machines are running smoothly and as they should be to maximise the lifecycle of parts such as bearings. Machines running in perfect alignment are running more efficiently.

Neutronic utilise the latest wireless laser technology which allows us to align shafts to within hundredths of a millimetre.

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