Testing Times!

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When looking for an Electric Motor Repair partner there are many different factors to consider, such as:

  • Facilities
  • 24/7 Service and Capabilities.

One of the factors that many are not aware of is the quality of the motor testing facilities of the repair centre. For example how does the repairer perform the test sequences to fully test the motor windings? If the repairer hasn’t invested in quality test equipment there is a good chance that they can’t 100% guarantee the quality of the motor windings. Electric Motors are complex pieces of equipment and they require the right type of infrastructure to carry out a repair correctly and to a high standard. Multi meters and insulation testers just won’t cut it.

You may be wondering how a full Electric Motor test should be carried out and what equipment should be used? At Neutronic we utilise the latest testing system from Electrom Instruments.

Check out the demo of our ITIG III Winding Analyzer

In particular the model we opted for is the ITIG III Winding Analyzer, widely regarded as the most advanced motor test system available. The ITIG III features over 20 different high and low voltage tests including frequency surge and partial discharge. This unique test system allows the user to set up tests and run through them automatically eradicating any potential for human error. When coupled together with the DC commutator option, as can be seen at Neutronic the iTIG III can be also used to test DC Motors to the same high specifications.

Test equipment such as the Electrom Instruments iTIG III Winding Analyzer don’t come cheap, but it’s the type of investment that will ensure that your electric motor is repaired to the highest possible standard.

If you would like to learn more about how Neutronic provide world class Electric Motor repairs get in touch.

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    Supporting the Soft Drink Industry

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    We got a call from one of our customers in the Soft Drinks industry and they had a pump fail after they had loaded syrup into their machine. This created the problem that they only had 24 hours before they would have to throw the syrup away losing tens of thousands of pounds.

    Immediately we sent out our driver to collect the offending item. When the pump came in to Neutronic our engineers set about dismantling. It was clear the motor required a full rewind and there was damage to both the seal diameter and the mechanical seal. Whilst one of our engineers set about rewinding the stator another engineer set about performing a DE-shaft repair on the seal diameter. All spares were ordered and our driver collected the bearings and seals that were required. Once the rewind was completed and the parts assembled our engineers performed a full run and pressure test of the pump before delivering back to customer.

    The call out came to us at 5am and we were able to get the pump delivered back to site and, on the machine, later that night. This gave our customer a full production shift to use the syrup they would have had to have wasted.

    Throughout the repair we kept our customer informed of progress, so they could schedule production. This is just one example of how Neutronic Technologies support their customers. 

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      The Future of Condition Monitoring

      Volume 1 / Issue 1


      The Future of CM is Changing, you will no longer have to rely on a service engineer coming to site to capture a screenshot of data and hope that Gearbox, Motor or Roller bearing is operating under the same process conditions as it was in the months previous.

      Changing process conditions whether it is a variable speed machine or due to the product in production are some of the biggest challenges CM Engineers face when diagnosing a potential fault. If our process conditions are different each time, we test it can be difficult to build up a reliable trend. It’s rule 101 of any school lab test, keep test conditions consistent with few to no variables. With production taking priority it is unreasonable to expect test conditions to be consistent from month to month.

      If you hire a Condition Monitoring company to monitor your critical assets on a monthly basis it is most likely that you will getting somewhere in the region of 12-24 vibration readings for the year. Often supported by periodic oil sampling, thermal imaging and various other CM techniques. While this is obviously great cover and may be the most appropriate means of monitoring for your site there are now more options available to maximise your investment to make your Condition Monitoring Programme more effective.

      Wireless Sensors can be programmed to take a reading every hour or scheduled not to collect if you know your machine is going to be offline for a maintenance stop or product change. We will also continue to supplement this service with the additional CM techniques required but you can already start to see the benefits. More data means more knowledge of how your asset behaves when running different process conditions.

      Benefits of Wireless Sensors:

      • 24/7 Monitoring
      • Live alarm alerts to an app or web-based platform
      • Email alerts straight to your phone
      • Easy to Install
      • Enhance Safety

      If you think you are ready to step into the future of CM please get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss this offering with you in more detail and help you to increase machinery efficiency and reliability.

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